Friday, 23 July 2010

Surfing and Flying

Last night was really cool; very busy in the bar and lots of interesting people to talk to - couple of girls from Edinburgh Uni who were a good laugh - two were really into sailing so had a long talk about Cowes week etc; can't wait to get back and get out in a boat!

Long night though and we were up quite late - had breakfast in the hotel - it is pretty awesome to literally have a hotel room 15meters from the beach!

Then we said bye to Rupert; as he headed back to Phnom Penh. Our group is just 5 now, getting smaller by the day. After the farewell, Ben, Andy and I went for a swim in the waves; there still isn't a lot of sun, but there were some cool waves to go body surfing on - great fun! At about 3 we did some "flying" - handing out flyers along the beach for the bar, then chilled out for a bit. Ben and I went swimming and surfing in the waves again, as the wind seemed to have picked up.

Now, as I sit on the beachfront under the shelter of the hotel  awning, a huge monsoon has just rolled in. You could see it coming out at sea - massive black clouds rolling towards the land. Then suddenly huge wind and rain and the visibility drops massively - quite dramatic!

Another night of just a few drinks I think; seemed to work well yesterday, still had an awesome time - it's just pretty cool talking with new people and about their travels.

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