Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another Day Of Wet Sand

Another good night last night, nothing overly special, but good fun. There were a load of American Navy guys in the bar who were absolutely smashed -doing beer funnels and jägerbombs - very funny to watch.

Breakfast in the hotel this morning, finished "The Killing Fields" - very interesting and moving read. Andy left to go back to Phnom Penh at just after midday. Back to the original four now! Seems a bit weird to be honest - we had a bit of team bonding this afternoon playing a bit of cards as the girls go back to Phnom Penh tommorrow, being fed up with the rain. I'm heading back in a few days to meet them there, but want to work the full moon party first. Ben is staying on here then going to Bangkok straight from here, so tonight is our last night as a whole four.

Off to work in a few minutes, UV paint night tonight, should be cool. Shame the weather here is so bad, seems like we were very lucky for the whole trip before weather-wise. Looking forward to the last few days out here though - what a trip this has been!

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