Friday, 30 July 2010

The Last Blogpost From SE Asia

Not up to much today really, just killing time before our flight out at 5 to midnight, I'll keep my progress updated on twitter, but as I doubt a lot will happen I may as well write the last blogpost now.

It has been a fantastic two months, we have done such a diverse amount of stuff and had some absolutely incredible experiences. It's been great fun writing the blog and keeping all those that are interested back in the western world in touch with what I've been doing. This certainly won't be the last ever blogpost, I will keep it going for future trips and adventures that I am certain will come thick and fast in the coming years.

SE Asia truly is an amazing part of the world, and so far away from the areas that I had experienced before, both geographically and culturally. The people, culture and environment here never fail to impress and I would certainly consider coming back here at some point in the future. I will have so many great memories of the places and the people I have met here as I'm sure has been reflected in past posts.

I'm going to end it there. Not a lot more to say.

Fantastic Countries, Amazing People - SE Asia - Well worth a visit!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Last Markets And Wandering

Went to the central Market today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought some shorts and a belt. I'll miss the bartering and jokes with the stall owners - always a good laugh.

From the market we had a wander down to the riverfront, sat around there and admired the views of the little boats and the people doing exercise on the esplanade, while we ate some lunch. Then afterwards went and admired the architecture of the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda - it's amazing how they have recreated buildings like that after the destruction that the city suffered both during the war and under the Khmer Rouge.

We were back at the hotel pretty early again and chilled out in the room packing our bags and sorting various things out, then headed for an early dinner down at the riverfront.

It was a great dinner, reminising about the trip and people that we've met, while enjoying the sunset and rainbows. After dinner we wandered along and had an icecream to cool us down as we walked, talking more about how strange it will be to be back in western civilization.

Back at the hotel now, watching a film. Just a lazy day tomorrow before getting the flight. I really love this country and the people here, it's been awesome, but Cowes Week awaits!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another Day In Phnom Penh

Recovering gradually I think, feet are healing up and stomach is getting back to normal. Ear is still pretty weird, might have to grab some antibiotics for that when I get back to the UK.

Another quiet day here today really; feels a bit like we're killing time until we fly home now, but still enjoying it. We went for breakfast this morning and then walked to a huge shopping mall/indoor market where we all made various purchases; I got some fake Oakley sunglasses; doubt the lenses are much good, but will do for keeping the dirt out when mountain biking and not bad for $2.50!

Bought some lunch in the mall and then headed back to the hotel in the late afternoon, watched some tv and chilled out a bit. This evening we went down to the riverfront and had a fantastic meal, which made us all feel a lot better. Plan to do the palace and a bit more wandering tomorrow, should be another relaxing day. Just two days left before we fly out on Friday evening.

Crazy how quick the last two months have gone!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Russian Market

Woke up late this morning and caught a tuktuk to the Russian Market around midday. It was interesting, the girls went round getting presents and I went and bought a t-shirt. The place is full of factory cast offs at massively cheap prices, so quite cool.

Came back to the room and slept in the afternoon, then watched a few films. Just went out for dinner, but feel pretty rough, don't know why; first meal that I haven't finished since I've been out here.

Need a good nights rest I think.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Return To Phnom Penh

Last night turned out to be a very quite one in fact - with a massive monsoon rainstorm stopping people switching between bars. It was a bit of a shame, as it was our last night in Sihanoukville and as a four, but as we were all pretty shattered, the earlier night was welcomed.

This morning we packed and sat around chatting before getting on the bus back to Phnom Penh at 12:30. It was very weird and pretty emotional to leave Ben; we've had a fantastic two months travelling together and the four of us as a group have definitely become even greater friends.

As I write this we are just pulling into Phnom Penh, unfortunately due to traffic the bus took 6hours rather than the normal four. We can deal with that though; it's the last bus journey for us. All still pretty shattered still, think we will find the hotel, grab a bite to eat then go straight to bed!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Last Day At The Beach

Last night was a really good one - loads of UV paint and some great dancing - especially comic moments like Ben on the dancefloor rocking along alone with a huge grin plastered on his face.

Today we've done very little really; just trying to recover a bit. We booked our bus to Phnom Penh for midday tomorrow. Jess and Rosie decided to stay for one more night and travel back with me tomorrow instead.

Ready for a bit of city dwelling for a few days I think; and some early nights. The beach has been great fun, but it's not actually overly relaxing because of the late nights and we want to have a few relaxed days before we fly out, there's still a bit to see in Phnom Penh as well, so a couple of days there seems ideal.

One more big night tonight then - the last night as the "Vietnam Four". Plan on making it a good send off.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another Day Of Wet Sand

Another good night last night, nothing overly special, but good fun. There were a load of American Navy guys in the bar who were absolutely smashed -doing beer funnels and jägerbombs - very funny to watch.

Breakfast in the hotel this morning, finished "The Killing Fields" - very interesting and moving read. Andy left to go back to Phnom Penh at just after midday. Back to the original four now! Seems a bit weird to be honest - we had a bit of team bonding this afternoon playing a bit of cards as the girls go back to Phnom Penh tommorrow, being fed up with the rain. I'm heading back in a few days to meet them there, but want to work the full moon party first. Ben is staying on here then going to Bangkok straight from here, so tonight is our last night as a whole four.

Off to work in a few minutes, UV paint night tonight, should be cool. Shame the weather here is so bad, seems like we were very lucky for the whole trip before weather-wise. Looking forward to the last few days out here though - what a trip this has been!