Thursday, 29 July 2010

Last Markets And Wandering

Went to the central Market today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought some shorts and a belt. I'll miss the bartering and jokes with the stall owners - always a good laugh.

From the market we had a wander down to the riverfront, sat around there and admired the views of the little boats and the people doing exercise on the esplanade, while we ate some lunch. Then afterwards went and admired the architecture of the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda - it's amazing how they have recreated buildings like that after the destruction that the city suffered both during the war and under the Khmer Rouge.

We were back at the hotel pretty early again and chilled out in the room packing our bags and sorting various things out, then headed for an early dinner down at the riverfront.

It was a great dinner, reminising about the trip and people that we've met, while enjoying the sunset and rainbows. After dinner we wandered along and had an icecream to cool us down as we walked, talking more about how strange it will be to be back in western civilization.

Back at the hotel now, watching a film. Just a lazy day tomorrow before getting the flight. I really love this country and the people here, it's been awesome, but Cowes Week awaits!

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