Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Another Great Day Teaching

We were up at 5 again today with the damn cockrel crowing. We all felt a little tired as we had been up singing the night before. It was alright though, we had our breakfast and headed down to the school. It was just as, if not more, busy than yeaterday, which was reassuring. We were also relieved that we had an idea of their abilities and ages.

Our games were similar to yesterday; HookiKooki with the little ones, and races and bulldog with the older ones. It was great fun and we had a welcomed ice coffee break half way through the morning, which kept us pepped up until lunch, especially when we got involved in a volleyball game with all the older boys. Teaching is very rewarding, but I don't think I could do it as a career.

After lunch, we had a big singing session with all the school, including classics like London's Burning and Old MacDonald. Then we had a huge concert, with all the classes singing their contribution and us doing a human pyramid and the new UWS song that the girls have created.

After another short game of volleyball we were done and our time teaching at this school was finished. It has been great and we had a few little ones that we had become quite attached to - I hope that more people can come back to this school in future to teach, as the children are so keen to learn.

All shattered back at the hamocs, we got the lowdown from Chris on the school we are going to tomorrow, which is alot more remote and more tribal, another step back in time.

We have just popped down to the stream for a wash and now, feeling massively cleaner, are waiting for dinner. It's been a completely unique and amazing experience so far and tomorrow we head right to the "cutting edge of development" as Chris says - should be even more exciting and challenging!

Another great day seeing another side of this fantastic country.

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