Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Riding Elephants and Swimming in Waterfalls

This morning we all piled in the back of a pick-up and headed out to a waterfall a few kilometers outside town.

It was awesome; a really clear waterfall, plunging down into a secluded pool at the bottom. We had the place to ourselves and the boys went for a swim in the pool, while the girls went for an elephant ride. We had a great time swimming under the falls and sunbathing in the pool. I unfortunately slashed my foot on a rock and it swelled up like a beast, but it's going down now so can't be too bad.

Then after about an hour of mucking around in the pool, it was our turn to ride the elephants. They are such cool things - the epitamy of a chilled out animal. We went for an hours trek through the jungle - they ate so much -literally pigging out every five minutes. But it was awesome - them powering through the undergrowth and us getting an amazing view sat up on their backs.

After the elephant ride we headed back to TreeTops; checked out for the last time and went to lunch.

At about 3:30 we all jumped in the 4x4s to head out to our last village: Thien, which isn't that far away from BanLung - only 45mins by a decent road.

We arrived with no problems and now, having put up the hamocs etc, and got settled in (we are staying in the school, which is a very new building), now we're having a quick game of volleyball with the masses of kids that welcomed us in. Then soon we are heading out for dinner at a small local restaurant.

It's been a fantastic day, with a few "first ever" experiences. Can't wait to get started with the teaching again tomorrow. This looks like another great community with very keen and smiling children.

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