Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another Day In Phnom Penh

Recovering gradually I think, feet are healing up and stomach is getting back to normal. Ear is still pretty weird, might have to grab some antibiotics for that when I get back to the UK.

Another quiet day here today really; feels a bit like we're killing time until we fly home now, but still enjoying it. We went for breakfast this morning and then walked to a huge shopping mall/indoor market where we all made various purchases; I got some fake Oakley sunglasses; doubt the lenses are much good, but will do for keeping the dirt out when mountain biking and not bad for $2.50!

Bought some lunch in the mall and then headed back to the hotel in the late afternoon, watched some tv and chilled out a bit. This evening we went down to the riverfront and had a fantastic meal, which made us all feel a lot better. Plan to do the palace and a bit more wandering tomorrow, should be another relaxing day. Just two days left before we fly out on Friday evening.

Crazy how quick the last two months have gone!

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