Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Last Day In Ratanikiri

Today was the last for a few things; last day teaching, last day at Thien and last day in Ratanikiri.

The day was a good one though, we were up at 7, having finally got a decent night sleep in our hamocs (shame it was our last) and cracked on with teaching at 7:30. The mornings teaching went really well and as we had mixed up the teachers a bit, I had Andy and Alex helping me, which went really smoothly and they both seemed to enjoy the hookikoki and duck&goose games we were playing with the little ones.

We had a great lunch of noodles, which was a great relief from the rice that we have been shoveling down for the last few meals. After an iced coffee, it was back to the last afternoon of entertainment.

The kids performed their concert pieces and we did our standard routine of human pyramids etc. The whole thing finished with a big rendition of the makarenna in the pouring monsoon rain. Then we loaded up the pickup and headed back to Ban Lung.

Checking into an new hotel, with aircon! We were relieved to have hot showers, especially after having washed in a muddy stream yesterday!

At 6:30 we headed out to have a fantastic curry and many drinks at a local bar, as a last night "on project". We thanked the great translators and had a big group dance on the bar and tables to songs like 'Don't look back in anger'; luckily it was only us in the bar.

Tomorrow we have to be up at 6, to get a 6:30 bus to Phnom Penh and back to some sort of western civilisation. It has been a fantastic two weeks out here in Ratanikiri, and we have enjoyed pretty much every moment, even being able to see the funny side of events like getting woken up by pigs at 3 in the morning. We have learnt so much and really see this place as a worthwhile cause. However, I think we will also be eager to do a bit more travelling and see some more great sites.

We've done so much in the last two weeks, but there's also so much more to see and do in the next two weeks...can't wait.

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