Sunday, 18 July 2010

Markets and Angkor Wat Sunset

Ok, so last night did prove to be exciting, and very lively, and hilarious. We went to two bars and in the first proceeded to get everyone either watching or participating in a huge drinking game. Then in the second one there was a lot of shocking dancing.

As a result we were all pretty wacked out this morning, and didn't really get going until about 11. We went for a large Khmer breakfast (rice, noodles and more rice), and then went and wandered round the market. I reckon the Market was the best that we have been to, I bought a couple of things, and we all had great fun bartering down prices etc. It's going to seem quite strange having all fixed prices when we come back to the UK in a week and a half.

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and just chilled our for a few hours. Then at 4:30, well actually more like 5 (he was late - as they always are in Cambodia) our tuc tuc arrived to take us to the Angkor Wat.

Despite the cloud, the sunset at the temple was amazing. The scale and history of the place is huge and it was fascinating to see how the architecture has been preserved. It is no wonder that the place has influenced so many writers and film directors; films like Jungle Book and Tomb Raider both use the setting. Can't wait to go back and see the sunrise and the other surrounding temples tomorrow.

We're now back at the hotel, just about to head out for dinner. It's been a relaxing day, and has certainly sparked my eagerness to see more of the temples tomorrow.

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