Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Comic Day in Ban Lung

Today was about planning and getting ready for the villages. We got up late, as we needed a bit of a lie in after a few very long days.

After breakfast we planned our sports lessons and Ben and I had a long game of catch with the little Cambodian daughter of the guest house that were staying in - she was actually really good!

After lunch we had a few more hours of prep time - mostly involving helping the art guys cutting out masses of cardboard stencils - leading to very sore hands!

Then late in the afternoon we headed back to the volcanic lake to have another swim. Just as we arrived at the lake it started monsoon raining with thunder storms, which was pretty dramatic. When the rain had died down a bit we had even more of a scare though. We were sat on the platform and some Cambodian guys came over to us and asked us "how much?", a little confused we assumed they meant the girls sat next to us, as a joke. However when they said "I love you" to me and Rupert, we realised that they in fact meant us! we swiftly bailed into the water - especially when one started touching Ben!

We went rather wet, but very amused back to the pick up and headed back to TreeTops. We packed our dry bags for the villages tomorrow and then headed for dinner.

We are all looking forward to the villages now and getting down to the teaching. Although the lack of showering could be an issue for the next 6 days. We won't have Internet for sure so the blog will be delayed until we get back next weekend. I'm sure there will be a lot
of interesting to report!

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