Monday, 5 July 2010

The Journey To Nhang Commune

Today we headed into the jungle, and boy was it an adventure.

We started off in two pick-ups and drove for an hour and a half, coming off the main road and heading towards the remote area that forms the triangle between Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. We borded a small ferry, crammed with bags, motos and people. It was a short journey across the river and then it was the start of the real adventure.

Waiting for us on the otherside was a "Cambodian Hummer" as they are known. It was like a huge 1940s truck without a bonnet and with massive tyres. We all piled in the back and headed off. We got out once for a very hot climb up one extremely steep slope that a fully loaded hummer couldn't manage, but apart from that we ploughed on. We went through everything; streams, jungles, remote villages etc. It was fantastic - a true Top Gear Adventure.

The whole journey in the hummer took about 2 hours, with a brief stop over at a stream to wash the sweat and mud off us. When we finally arrived at the Nhang Commune it was great. We stopped off at a raised platform, and all clambered straight on from the bed of the truck. This was going to be our home for the next few days.

We spent most of the afternoon setting up the school, that is a short walk away; and the hammocks, which look great - sleeping 15feet off the ground on our raised platform, with a beautiful breeze.

At the moment I'm sat at the edge of the platform, sun setting, looking out over the great little village. The only sounds are Rosie playing the guitar and some happy pigs grunting down below the platform.

This is a fantastic village, I can't wait to start teaching the beautiful children.
What a place!

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