Monday, 12 July 2010

Rest Day In Ban Lung

Today we had a late start having stayed up to watch a bit of the football. After a long breakfast; reading books and chatting, we went off to the Market around midday.

I bought a hamoc and some other bits and bobs, then we had some peanut butter baguettes for lunch - boy we had missed those out in the villages. This afternoon we went back to the crater lake and had a long swim and chill out there.

We're now back at TreeTops - it's our last night here as we stay at a different guest house when we come back from the next project that we depart for tomorrow. This evening we are going to the same restaurant we went to last night called the Gecko House; great food and they let us watch the F1 last night so we are hoping for control of the Tv again tonight.

A fairly uneventful day really, but it was good to have a rest before we hit the last project hard tomorrow afternoon.

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