Saturday, 10 July 2010

Chai Thom Teaching Day 2

Last night we had an amazing time; we were playing cards in our hut, when we heard music playing over at the house that had been blessed earlier. We headed over and the whole village was having an huge party to continue the ceremony. There was music and masses of rice wine - we were forced to sample all the ten people's different versions! We had a great time dancing with the locals - seriously not what we expected to find in a remote Cambodian village, where only two days ago the locals were afraid to come near to us - it was a fantastic experience and we were really priveleged to be accepted so much.

This morning we almost murdered the cockrels as they woke us up again at 5am! Starting school at 7:30, we had a great morning teaching - some funny games like piggy back races and duck duck goose. After a long lunch break where I slipped in a little (very hot) sleep in, we started the last session at the PGS school.

They prepared their concert pieces in their little groups and then we had a big concert in the centre of the village. Most of the concert seemed to be spent laughing and smiling at one child, who we nicknamed "Spacecadet" for his spaced out nature: when his group did their dance, he just stood puzzled in the middle and when everyone clapped he looked confused and looked the other way - very cute.

After the concert we had a small game of volleyball, but it didn't last long due to the heat. Then it was the last wash at the bamboo pipe stream and then Rupert and I went with Chris to a meeting with the village chiefs to discuss the school and represent Portsmouth Grammar School. It was interesting to hear how the school would be run after we leave, and to thank the people for the hospitality they have so willingly offered us.

That hospitality was reflected again this evening when we had a huge singalong with the whole village. It diminshed into a bad rendition of Queen songs and football chants, so we made a subtle retreat.

It's been a great day, and a great few days; it's been great to see how much we have been absorbed into the culture and it's been great fun teaching. We are all looking forward to a proper shower and some food that is not rice tomorrow, but it's been a fantastic experience so far.

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