Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Lazy Day On The Beach

Last night was crazy - the bar got moderately busy, but still was amazing. From sitting eating free BBQ watching the sunset, to pulling people in from the beach and dancing on tables. It was great to have a good night out. We crashed reasonably early at 2:30 and slept pretty solidly until midday today, I think we were pretty shattered from the last few days and from not feeling so great a few days ago.

Once we had coaxed ourselves out of bed, and grabbed a free ice coffee and lunch, we walked along the beach handing out flyers. It's a great way to get chatting to people that you might not normally talk to and because the bar owners know the food ladies along the beach we could just have free spring rolls etc. -perfect!

In the late afternoon I sat reading 'The Killing Fields' it's very interesting to really learn about the history of this fascinating country.

Now, after a short walk into town we are chilling out for a bit before starting the evening 'shift'. Probably take it a bit easier tonight, but still have an awesome night.

We came travelling to have "experiences" and staying and working here is certianly a new experience for me, but a really good fun one, and it's great to chill out for a few days before we head home.

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