Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Unplanned Day In Ninh Binh

We were meant to take the nightbus to Hue this evening, but we didn't book it in time and it was full - rookie error (we'll know for next time I guess).
Because we thought we had exhausted what Ninh Binh had to offer we wanted to get out so Ben and I trekked to the train station to see if we could get a train down instead. That was fully booked except what seemed like an expensive hard sleeper option overnight - which we would have little or no sleep on, so we decided to have another day in Ninh Binh and catch the night bus tomorrow.

We made a plan to go to a national park tomorrow, as we thought that we didn't have enough time left in the day. So in the end today just turned out to be a chilled out day; found a nice restaurant and had a good meal and played cards for most of the afternoon.
Then we came back to the hotel and watched tv and planned some questionable bits for later in the trip.

We are now sat having a nice meal in the hotel and looking forward to more moto action and the national park tomorrow, before hitting the road on the nightbus.

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