Saturday, 12 June 2010

Journey to Hoi An

We got on a normal bus (not the dreaded sleeper) this morning at around 8:30 and headed off towards Hoi An. On the way we passed a huge area of paddy fields and onwards towards the region of mountains that encompasses the Hai Van pass. Unfortunately we weren't going to be able to go over the pass as it was too much of a long way round for the coach, however we still climbed to quite a height and on one side of the mountains we had a great view of the paddy plains and on the other we looked out to Danang and the Lang Co Beach - a very beautiful 12km strip of White sand.

We stopped briefly in Danang to drop off a few passangers, but we were relieved that we had avoided the town as it has been over-run with huge western beach resorts that are making the most of Lang Co.

We headed on to Hoi An and arrived there around midday. It is a far smaller town, which used to be a fishing village. It has a large number of visiting tourists, but it still holds it's large street markets and is close to a few small beaches that are known for their beauty.
We had a great lunch of Cao Lau (wide noodles with pork) and some amazing scotch pancakes with pineapple at a restaurant down near the fishing river. After lunch we went shopping round town; there were some great market stalls; we bought bracelets and a number of beer brand vests (which are everywhere out here in the backpacker community). Then we went to one of the tailors that line the streets in Hoi An and are one thing it is famous for. Although Ben and I didn't buy anything, as we decided that UK suits looked better even if they weren't tailored, but the girls are getting some jackets made that we'll pick up tomorrow.

Tonight we plan to find another good restaurant down by the quay and enjoy the relaxed feeling in this smaller, peaceful town.

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  1. Michele Wiggins12 June 2010 at 20:27

    I'm sure you mean market stalls, not market stools!! Well, I hope you do x