Monday, 14 June 2010

A Day at Cau Dai Beach

Today we rented push bikes from the hotel and headed off northwest to the Cau Dai beach.
It was a 15min ride or so, and when we arrived it was stunning; a long stretch of white sand that runs north to south facing the South China sea and a few small offshore islands. We parked up the bikes, grabbed a couple of pancakes at a beachside cafe and went down to the sunloungers.

The heat was intense and we sat sweating for quite a while on the loungers before deciding that we had to try the water. The white sand between the sunbeds and the sea was seriously hot though; I actually got a blister on one of my toes from it's burn. But after sprinting across the frying pan of sand we were greated by wonderfully clear and warm water.

Back on the sunloungers again Ben and I couldn't last long in the heat, so we jogged a few kilometers along the seashore, using the sea to cool us down.

We spend the day on the beach until about 4o'clock. I got rather sunburnt on a few patches that a missed with the suncream, which was rather annoying, but nothing too severe I hope.

Afterwards we headed back into town, grabbing another pancake on the way; and changed our night bus to the 16th as we decided that we wanted more time in Hoi An. This evening we plan to find another restaurant down by the harbour, in our quest to find the best in Hoi An.

Another great day in Central Vietnam. More beach time tomorrow.

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