Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Nightbus and A Day At Nha Trang

It was unfortunately another sleepless nightbus journey last night. We had a nicer bus and a good group of people around us, apart from some odd Vietnamese guy on the bunk below who had a small bird clasped in his hand for the whole 12hour journey - weird! But I just seemed to have a job getting to sleep - probably the eratic driving. So I spent most of the night mulling things over and watching the lightning storms illuminating the highlands - it looked like something from a film.

This morning we arrived in Nha Trang at 6. As always when you get off the bus you are hassled by guys trying to take you to their hotel. We got in one taxi and asked to be taken to a specific hotel, only to be taken to a completely different one; which I'm sure he was on commission to take us to; we eventually got him to take us to the correct hotel - The Mai Huy hotel (which Ali had recommeded we go to), and settled in.

Ben and I went for a meal at a local restaurant while the girls had a brief nap. We found a place that did basically a full fri up for $1.70 - well worth it.

We went back to the hotel and picked up the girls then headed to the beach for a relaxed day. We found some nice sunloungers in front of the sailing club. The beach was fantastic - a lot more developed than Hoi An, but still a fantastic view with very clear water. It was a bit cooler than at Hoi An as well; we had a good day relaxing and sleeping to recover from the bus journey. Ben and I swam and played frisby and catch with some Vietnamese guys - they were loving it!

We are back at the hotel now, having done some washing; looking forward to heading out in a bit for drinks, a meal and a walk along the beach now it is a bit cooler.

A very relaxing and long day; going to sleep well tonight!

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