Saturday, 19 June 2010

The last beach day for a while

Lazy start to the day today. Ben and I went and bought bananas and bread to snack on while at the beach, after having a breakfast of eggs and toast.

We went back to the spot by the sailing club and grabbed a couple of sunloungers.

Pretty easy going day; I went for a couple of long swims in the beautifully clear water. Ben, Rose and I started playing catch with a tennis ball; an old Vietnamese guy got involved and then so did the whole of his extended family it seemed. One of Ben's balls deflected off a wave and hit a guy in the face - luckily they saw the funny side!

Apart from that we had a chilled out one; speeding through the "On the Road" and really enjoying the read.

A very enjoyable day; although I was rather wishing that I was at home doing the Round the Island Race. Still, I'm excited for this evening; we're going to a great restaurant and then down to a beach party at the sailing club. I'm also really looking forward to Dalat tomorrow - they say the mountain biking is great - result!

We've had a great time in Nha Trang and on the beach; big change again tomorrow; bring on the highlands!

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