Friday, 18 June 2010

Mudbaths and Markets in Nha Trang

We had a great evening last night; we bought some beers and went to the beach for a chat. Really nice without the crowds and being able to look out into the China sea and see all the ships offshore. Afterwards we went for a great meal at a local restaurant near the beach, we were still a little hungry though after dinner and spotted the most awesome Italian icecream parlour over the road - caramel icecream in a waffle cone has never tasted so good!

This morning we found a nice cafe and had omlette and fried eggs for breakfast. Then we rented pushbikes and headed off towards the mudbath spa.

On the way we stopped off at the famous Cham Towers on the outskirts of Nha Trang. The towers are ancient religious temples - some dating back to the 7th Century. They were very impressive to look at and interesting to watch the religious activities. It was also quite amusing when we found a headless statue and all had to have a go at posing behind it.

From the towers we went down a small winding track through the backstreets that after a while came to the Hot Mud Baths. We paid the $5 entrance fee and enjoyed a great morning. First was a mineral mud bath that was hilarious but also very relaxing and great for the sunburn. We then went into a hot mineral water bath - which was very relaxing despite being seriously hot!
From there it was down to the pool and jacuzzi - we chilled out there until around 3; talking about some random stuff. Then had a late lunch at the resort before heading back to Nha Trang.

On the way back we swung by the Cho Dam Market and had a quick browse; I didn't buy anything, but Ben and Rosie bought masses of Cream Os (like Oreos) because they are doing a day of just eating them tomorrow - think I will stick to the rice and omlettes, however boring they get!

We also had a ride around the city trying to find the place to confirm our bus to Dalat, which we have done successfully for the 20th June in the morning - we were pleased to hear that it is just 20'C there (it's in the highlands) - should be a relief!

This evening we are heading out for a meal again before having a wander round town to see a bit more. Another great day today - my first ever Spa - at least the mud fights made it seem a bit more masculine!

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