Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Another Day at Cau Dai Beach

Today it was back to the beach at Cau Dai; we grabbed some breakfast at the same cafe near the beach and returned to the sunloungers. I spent a majority of the day in the shade of the palm umbrella, not wanting to worsen the sunburn. I have started reading Jack Kerouac, which is making me very keen to travel across Americs sometime in the near future. Also, Ben and I had a long chat about the 1500mile cycle touring trip in France that we hope to do next summer.

Rosie, Ben and I had a good game of catch in the water with a tennis ball; and Ben and I went for a long swim.

Ali (a friend from work and Ben's neighbour) and his friends arrived in the late afternoon and we had a good chat sharing travelling experiences so far.
Ben and I headed back to the hotel around 5, the girls had gone back a bit earlier.

This evening we are going to show Ali and his guys what we have decided is the best restaurant in town, and undoutedly have a few drinks.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Hoi An - I think it is my favourite town in Vietnam so far.

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