Friday, 25 June 2010

The Saigon Waterpark

Today we had a late start; recovering from the early start the day before. After having a pancake breakfast at a local American restaurant we got in a taxi to go the Damsen Waterpark on the outskirts of town: we had decided that we needed a day of pure amusement after the heat and education of yesterdays museums and galleries.

The waterpark was fantastic; a series of slides, pools and blow-up-boat flume rides. There were a couple of classic ones; a very long and very fast straight down flume; which gave you the worlds worst wedgie! A one where you sat in a three man boat and went up and down a huge u-shaped ramp at great speed and one that was an aerial runway over a huge pool under it, that suddenly stopped in the middle making you let go and go slamming into the water.

Actually, one of the most enjoyable and certainly the most tiring was what they called the "Lazy River" where you each sat in a rubber ring and were taken along by the current. However, it was far from "Lazy" as there were so many Vietnamese children in there that when the river bottlenecked and the rings bunched up, it turned into a huge waterfight! For some reason I swear that it seemed to be all the Vietnamese were against us as well!

We are all absolutely shattered now though; we made some quick peanut butter rolls as a late lunch, then collapsed in the hotel room. This evening we are meant to be going "out" but we all seem so tired that I'm not sure how that will work out. Anyway, a great day, even if we were bullied a little bit by 9year old Vietnamese kids!

Hoping to head to the Cu Chi Tunnels tomorrow, which should be interesting. Then one more day in Ho Chi Ming City before heading off on the Mekong River tour for three days finishing in Phnom Penh. Boy this month has gone quickly!

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