Sunday, 2 May 2010

Isle of Wight Randonee 2010

Kitted out with a brand new Polar CS200 CAD, a birthday present from Mum and Dad, I set out around 10ish on what looked to be a very wet Randonnee....It Was!!!

Around 3 hours of Northerly force 6, Heavy Rain showers and lots of mud.

All good fun though, passed plenty of people and was not overtaken once.

Bike performing very well in the wet, although the brakes were suffering, and rather noisy. The new computer was very effective - with heart rate and cadence measurements, but I set the heart rate alarms wrong, so whenever I ascended a hill I set the alarm off for going over a heart rate of 175bpm, and whenever I slowed down or stopped pedalling on a downhill, I got an alarm for dropping below 145bpm. Slightly annoying. But, definitely a very useful piece of kit.

Judging by my performance on other bike club teams out there, I think my fitness is reasonable at the moment, and it is a shame that I will miss the majority of the racing season this year due to travelling, but a few sportives in September and starting to take part in Warwick Uni Bike club, should mean that I get some decent racing in next year, when I can really prove myself...hopefully.

A good day for sure, even if it is a slightly unusual way to spend the majority of your birthday.

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